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An overview of TOEFL

TOEFL test format

The TOEFL test consists of four modules namely Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing. These four modules test one persons ability to communicate in English language.

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British Eng vs. American Eng

variations in the language

Although there are not much differences between the two main types of English, American English seems to be dominating due to global companies operating are based in US, and movies and TV shows shown globally are also American.

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Toefl Exam Format
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Structure of the new test:




Number of Questions

Approximate Time





3 Passages

2 Conversation + 4 Lectures

2 Independent tesks + 4 integrated - skill tasks
1 integrated - skill task +
1 independent tesks


34 60 Minutes



60 Minutes

60 Minutes

20 Minutes

&60 Minutes

Reading Section :

You will be tested on your comprehension of ideas, important information, vocabulary and relationship among ideas in the passages.

  • 3-5 passages, 36-70 questions.
  • Time limit: 60-100 min. 
  • The computer will give you one question at a time. However, by clicking on the Review button, you may return to any previous question to review or change your answer.
  • For some questions you might earn more than 1 point

Listening Section :

You will be tested on your comprehension of the general ideas and supporting details of the conversations and lectures.

  • 2 conversations; 4 lectures; 34-51 questions.
  • Time limit: 60 -90 min. 
  • You will hear the conversations and lectures only once. However, you may take notes on paper while you listen and you may use your notes to help you answer the questions. Remember you cannot go back to the previous question once you have clicked the OK button.
  • For some questions you might earn more than 1 point. 

Speaking Section:

  • The speaking section measures your ability to speak in English about a variety of topics. The format of the speaking section is given below.
  • Time limit: 20 min.
  • You may take notes on paper, and you may use them to answer your questions.

Speaking Section


Reading Time

Listening Time

Preparation Time

Speaking Time

Independent Task 1
Independent Task 2

Integrated Task 1 Reading +
Listening +Speaking

Integrated Task 2 Reading +
Listening+ Speaking

Integrated Task 3 Listening+ Speaking

Integrated Task 4 Listening+ Speaking


45 Seconds

45 Seconds



1-2 Minutes

1-2 Minutes

1-2 Minutes

1-2 Minutes

15 Seconds
15 Seconds

30 Seconds

30 Seconds

20 Seconds

20 Seconds

45 Seconds
45 Seconds

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

Writing Section :

  • The writing section measures your ability to plan and write responses to questions in essay format. There are two questions in the writing section. Integrated: Reading+ Listening+ Writing Independent task : Writing an essay
  • Time limit: Integrated: 20 min Independent task: 30 min.
  • You may take notes on paper during both the tasks, and may use them to answer your questions. You will have to type your responses to both the tasks on the computer screen. You will not be allowed to write your responses by hand.