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Letters of recommendation(LOR) provide information from a former employer or a known associate who has been personally involved with the candidate.If you need to admitted to a school of higher learning, you probably need one or more letters of recommendation. Admissions boards need to know as much as possible about an applicant to determine his or her ability to perform adequately.This outside source provides a vital record of the candidate's previous experience and can test his/her skills and abilities.The information contained in a letter of recommendation depends on the type of letter.

An effective letter of recommendation:

  • verifies experience
  • confirms competence
  • builds trust
  • encourage confidence

Good letters of recommendation are written with a flattering tone to them and they usually provide examples to sustain the main points made in them.

Those reading the LOR do not know the candidate so it is essential that the believe and trust of the author be clarified in the letter of recommendation. This may be in the form of a self-introduction within the body of the letter, or with a job title and/or professional designation in the signature part of the letter.

  • Begin the first paragraph with a self-introduction complete with clarification of how you know this individual including the length of time of your relationship.
  • In the next paragraphs,outline strong attributes and good character traits of this individual.
  • In conclusion, repeat that this person is a good choice for the role and quite capable of the undertaking at hand.